Surf Glossary - R: From rail to rocker



The shape of the rails affects the revving of the board. The technical issues surrounding this issue are highly complex and require a lot of explanation.
In a nutshell, if the shaft is steep and fast, it's better to have the rails pulled slightly downwards and sharper so that the board has more grip in the shaft. If the rails of the surfboard are rather round and thick, this is better for shallow and powerless waves because the board has more volume and slides more easily over the flat parts of the shaft.


The Rash is the unpleasant consequence of surfing without Rash "guard" and means nothing more than a skin irritation from rubbing your bare skin on the waxed board. If there is sand in the wax, the feeling is similar to that of an emery paper body lotion. The phenomenon usually occurs in the summer, namely, when all finally go into the water in bikini and boardshort.

Rashguard (see also Lycra)


When reefbreaking the wave breaks over a reef. The opposite of the reef break is the beachbreak, where the wave breaks on a sandbank. The advantage of Reefbreaks is that the wave breaks in the same place. Waves breaking on reefs are therefore much easier to estimate. Many beginners are afraid of their first wave ride over a reef, this is often much easier than on a beach. Before you know what tides, what water level and what conditions are needed to surf the selected reef optimal. If you do not make a deep dive off the board after your wave ride and you're not surfing Pipeline (one of Hawaii's most powerful waves), you can not do much more than hit a beachbreak.


The scooter is a surfing maneuver with a change of direction.
It can be said that this is a top turn on the wave edge (at the top of the shaft), where the direction is changed extremely energetically. Maneuvers like the scooter are similar to a carving turn on a snowboard or can be practiced on a skateboard in a half pipe or mini ramp.


As Rocker one calls the Aufbiegung a surfboard (see also scoop).

Rounded tail (see also Tail)

The Round Tail is the golden middle between Pin and Squash Tail and has something of both: more control in the wave and area for turns. Round Tails are often found on shortboards for medium and powerful waves, and on Malibus and Minibus.