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Offshore Wind

Offshore is always the offshore wind desired by all surfers. If the wind is offshore, it can keep the waves from breaking for a bit longer, making for more beautiful, slower, steeper waves.
Sometimes it can happen that the waves break in tubes. If you imagine the whole picture, then the wind practically blows into the wave.

Typical of offshore is that the waves cause a veritable spray cloud. Paddling offshore is not easy.
The opposite of offshore wind is onshore wind.

Onshore Wind

Onshore is the other name for onshore wind. This can blow the waves downright "flat" in the worst case. Onshore wind therefore provides faster, shallower waves and is rarely really desirable.


This is the area of breaking waves where only the biggest waves break. When you're sitting in the outside you're waiting for the biggest waves, which often break in longer intervals / sets than the normal waves. It is also said to be an outside reef outside because the waves are breaking very far out there.


As the name implies, overhead means "overhead". In this case, overhead waves.

Over the falls

Over the falls describes a wipe out and means that the surfer is carried away from the upper wave area into the lower one.

OTRO MODO Surf school & Surf camp

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For those who like it a little quieter, a small reading corner invites you to linger.
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The outline is the outline of a surfboard.

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