Surf Glossary - M: From maneuver to minimalibu


Morro Jable

In Morro Jable a small fishing village in the south of Fuerteventura, you will find our surf school office and some beautiful accommodations.
Morro Jable has about 3200 inhabitants today and is therefore almost a small town. On local holidays, for example, the annual carnival, it is particularly noticeable that it is still very traditional and local.
In addition to a small beach promenade, which leads directly into the rather touristy town of Jandia, you will find many small shops, tapas bars, a small harbor, restaurants and even a tiny little village square in the shade of trees, the older Majoreros (locals Fuerteventura) to meet a little chat. You can conquer the beach promenade either on foot or with one of our beach cruisers or skateboards. Right on the doorstep, there are a few wonderful surf spots that will give you a lot of pleasure in the right swell and wind directions.

The office of the OTRO MODO Surfschool can be found in the C / Maxorata 41. Here you can meet like-minded people, play a game at our football table, watch surf videos, browse magazines and books or just talk shop.
You can also find here our surf shop, in addition to stylish clothes from OTRO MODO and Billabong, as well as beach suits from Island Steps, sunscreen, wax, shower gel, DVDs, pads, leashes and other stuff for you and your board can buy. 4 beach cruisers are waiting to be rented by you for a little "sunset ride". The bikes can also be equipped with surfboard mounts. A visit to us is always worthwhile and we are happy if you just visit us.


One distinguishes between basic maneuvers and those for advanced surfers. All maneuvers can be found under the letter in detail.

The basics include:
- Angle- Take-Off
- Bottom Turn
- Cutback
- Top Turn

For the further maneuvers one counts:
- Aerial
- Floaters
- Hang Ten
- Hang Five
- scooter
- 360's
- Tuberide


[Translate to English:] From the proportions, Malibus are almost no different from a longboard, only the dimensions are slightly smaller.
One distinguishes Malibus in normal Malibus and Minimalibus, the difference is just 1 foot. While minimal buses are usually located in the 7 foot range, called boards over 8 feet in length as a Malibus.
Malibuses have a round nose and very few rockers. Due to the large volume they slide very fast. Due to the large volume they are very stable in the water and it is easy to keep the balance on a Malibu.
Unfortunately, the transport is a bit cumbersome because they are heavier and somewhat unwieldy by their length. But this aspect should not stop you from surfing on bigger boards.
Due to its inertia, the Malibu / Minimalibu is not as manoeuvrable and you are forced to turn the board over the tail.

The Malibu is more than just a beginner board. It is perfect for even the tiniest waves and is therefore a real fun board for those with weak or small waves.


The Minimalibu has the same features as the Malibu, only it is slightly smaller (about 1 foot). The Minimalibu is for lighter beginners or kids or for surfers who want to surf their Malibu a bit more sporty.


This word refers to all the waves that are weak and powerless.